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Some things I learned from 2 magazines I’ve never thought of reading before:

Popular Science:

  • We get goose bumps when we’re scared for the same reason cats fluff up when they feel threatened, to look as big as possible.
  • What I should get a few people for Christmas
  • You can use an iPad to create professional photography lighting
  • The Harvard guys behind OkCupid have been documenting trends on their OkTrends blog. One of the things they found was that women with pictures with conversation starters got more first-contact messages than ones with cleavage.

The Oprah Magazine:

  • The next book I will be reading is Mrs. Nixon by Ann Beattie
  • My passions are: planning things creatively, reading, exploring new places/traveling, horseback riding, music
  • I’m motivated by social factors and should choose a job that keeps me around others collaborating.
  • I need to treat my neck the same way I treat my face (moisturizer and sunscreen). Otherwise I’ll end up wearing turtlenecks constantly like Dianne Keaton when I’m older. I added that last part, not Oprah.
  • A nice thing you can do is tie a message—”It’s going to be okay!” to a pumpkin, and leave it in a public place.



Advice From A Leader in Marketing

For the money-management project, I sent out some simple questions to a couple of people in jobs I hope to have someday. When I didn’t hear back immediately, I  got a little downtrodden. Finally, this morning I opened up my email and found an email from the CEO of a company I’ve been applying to about once a year since I realized I wanted to be in marketing. I want to share some of his answers with you.

EF:  Your obviously passionate about your company, but you didn’t start your company until 2003. Did you ever have a job that you stayed at for experience/money? Basically, did/does passion fuel all your career choices?

JI: Yes, all jobs lead to building experience (and money) for the future. But don’t work somewhere you don’t like for more than a year. Think about jobs in three year cycles: learning, attaining, maintaining (and then start over or leave).

EF: You’re on the board of the Twin Cities Fine Arts Organization (and even have a gallery to feature artists), did you always want to support fine arts, or did your involvement come organically?

JI: I like art. I think it is an industry that can benefit from marketing and it helps keep me sane during my long days.


EF: Many of the principals at your company are woman. As the only woman (and the youngest by about 10 years) in the marketing department where I work, what are some ways I can be taken seriously?

JI: Be serious to be taken serious. Have facts to share, not just opinions. Avoid breaking character (you’ll be judged by the least favorite moments: silliness at a company picnic, joking on Friday afternoons, etc.) Arrive early, leave late – over dress for the role. (Find ways to break the stress if long days. A quick walk outside, or finding a mentor in senior management – or at a neighboring business.)

If you’re wondering why I haven’t started a new project, no worries. I lost my footing a little bit, so I’m just getting back on track and building momentum. Expect a new project starting Friday.

Be Erika

For the next couple weeks I’m going to try to be more true to myself. This is something I’m sure everyone has found to be hard, whether you bought a new shirt at someone’s recommending, and now it hangs in your closet because it isn’t truly your style, or you didn’t speak up when someone said something you find offensive, maybe even just spent the night watching a Netflix movie you didn’t like, but everyone said it was good. Too often who I am gets lost because of embarrassment, laziness and daydreams of being Zooey Deschanel. Moving to Florida has made it harder than ever to be true to myself, despite taking chances and spending lot of time alone. Around my family and close friends I don’t have to justify yourself (that much)., and I don’t need to explain my jokes or express my deep distaste in fish, and I definitely never have to worry how I’m coming off.

I’m going to be concentrating on some main areas and we’ll see where this developes:

Intellectual: I will be reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Ken Kesey) and maybe some beat lit. I’ll also stop wasting my hour commute to and from work mindlessly listening to pop music. Instead I’ll spend the time learning Norwegian. I know a little Norwegian (Jeg vet litt norsk), but I really want to know more and be able to talk in it with my uncles who speak more of it. Some day I hope to travel to Norway too, and it will help.

Disposition: When I’m upset or sad I tend to try an rationalize it, which sometimes makes it worse. I’m going to concentrate on acknowledging my mood for what it is and try to work with it in a reasonable way. I also think an important thing about being true to yourself is talking to people with confidence. Looking people in the eye and walking with a good posture.

Activities: I will be making a strong attempt to cultivate my hobbies instead of zoning out to whatever is on the TV. Some things I’m interested in are: drawing, painting, reading, listening to music, yoga, paddleboarding, paddleboard yoga (there is such a thing) and baking. I also really enjoy spending time with friends and traveling, and I’ll be able to do both when I visit my friends in Seattle a week from Friday.

If you have any suggestions or advice, I’d love to hear it.