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Some things I learned from 2 magazines I’ve never thought of reading before:

Popular Science:

  • We get goose bumps when we’re scared for the same reason cats fluff up when they feel threatened, to look as big as possible.
  • What I should get a few people for Christmas
  • You can use an iPad to create professional photography lighting
  • The Harvard guys behind OkCupid have been documenting trends on their OkTrends blog. One of the things they found was that women with pictures with conversation starters got more first-contact messages than ones with cleavage.

The Oprah Magazine:

  • The next book I will be reading is Mrs. Nixon by Ann Beattie
  • My passions are: planning things creatively, reading, exploring new places/traveling, horseback riding, music
  • I’m motivated by social factors and should choose a job that keeps me around others collaborating.
  • I need to treat my neck the same way I treat my face (moisturizer and sunscreen). Otherwise I’ll end up wearing turtlenecks constantly like Dianne Keaton when I’m older. I added that last part, not Oprah.
  • A nice thing you can do is tie a message—”It’s going to be okay!” to a pumpkin, and leave it in a public place.