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Food Project Conclusion

“Life itself is the proper binge.”  –Julia Child

Today concludes my little experiment with eating better, and to celebrate I allowed myself a nice cold Diet Coke. Two weeks without having any pop, and frankly, I was unimpressed. What I did really enjoy was the chicken chili I had waiting for me in the crock-pot for when we got off the boat. Totally made up for being pretty much the only one on the sand bar without a beer in hand. There was some talk of bringing a bottle of Vodka out, but my brother has had better ideas.

Going forward I’m going to keep giving up gluten. Not only is my skin clearer, but also I haven’t slept in my car during lunches, or had my 3pm fatigue. I absolutely want to see how this plays out over the next few months.

I’m also pretty happy with my juicer. I admit that I’ve found some bad combinations. Particularly, I learned celery and grapefruit shouldn’t be combined. I hate grapefruit. Have you had freshly made apple juice, though? Yum.

Here’s some delicious gf cookies I made from a Bob’s mix–

Tomorrow I’m starting my next project where I make an effort to do my own thing and better cultivate my passions. Pave my own path if you will.


All Juiced Up

I have been looking into different detoxify juices as a way to rid my system of all the gluten and junk in my system, but it turns out they’re expensive. Researching the best reviewed narrowed it down to BluePrintCleanse, which is $85 per day, or Gwyneth Paltrow’s recommendation of the “Clean” 3 week detox program (that’s $250). More research let me to find an entire world of people who are really into drinking different juices. One blog in particular that caught my eye was SpaBettie.com, which is by a girl names Kristina who likes to eat mostly organic, and lives in Portland (no surprise there). So, that’s how I got inspired to buy my very own Koolatron Total Chef Juicin Power Juicer and a whole cart full of produce.

Actually making the juice was really cool. Apples that haven’t been peeled were instantly juiced; full stalks of celery disappeared within seconds; tons and tons of lettuce turned into a forest green liquid in front of my eyes. My disappointment only ended after all the juice had been put into containers in my fridge and I turned around to find (instead of the 3 grocery bags of food I had an hour ago) tons and tons of pulp. Luckily clean up wasn’t as hard as it looked (5 minutes). I just wished I had a compost so I don’t have to throw everything away. Then again, I don’t live in Portlandia.

Today has been my first day “Juicin'” and so far I’m not mad/hungry. Here’s what I’ve had: P.A.M. Juice (pineapple, Apple, Mint and Kale), Green Juice (Tons of celery and Kale, plus peaches and lime), and Spicy Lemonade (lemons, cayenne pepper and agave). Besides that, I’m also a green tea and water addict at work. I go through about 3 cups a tea and 2 pints of water. After I gave up drinking 5 Diet Cokes a day, it was a natural progression.

Tonight I’ll be eating chicken and some sort of dairy for dinner. I did a similar thing last night when Logan made gluten-free pasta (which freaked me out because it tasted no different from the regular stuff), vodka sauce, grilled chicken and Gouda cheese. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow when i attempt another day without solids for breakfast or lunch.