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Pushing Boundaries

For the next couple weeks I’m going to do the project I’m dreading: Pushing boundaries. For the next couple weeks I’ll try something new everyday, get out of my routine, eat fish (catch a fish?)… there’s even some talk about letting Logan (who called a brown towel grey last night) pick out an outfit for me, but there’s strong odds on me cheating with that.

I asked a sampling of my friends and family to tell me some behaviors and adjectives that describe me, with the idea that you can’t get out of your shell, until you know what your shell is. I became incredibly embarrassed when people started sending me all these nice things. I didn’t mean it to be a mass call out for compliments, but I am VERY appreciative these people think as highly of me as I do of them.

Here’s some things I got multiple times: unique, emotional/excitable, easy-going, needs a routine (hmmm…), and creative. The rest basically paints a picture of someone who worry’s about things in the future, is socially driven, is ambitious (this was a sort of surprise), independent/doesn’t like asking for help, stubborn, and someone who wears her heart and her personality on her sleeve. So personality wise for this project I will be more in-the-moment; I’ll think more logically; ambitious wise maybe I’ll make more room to just be (I guess that’s being in-the-moment); ask more questions; and be more open to new experiences. Let’s start with visiting Juan’s sister in Miami this weekend, shall we? I’m pretty sure his sister is my exact opposite. More to come.

These are a sampling of things I’ve put into my “don’t like” category that I will re-evaluate: angry music, small talk with strangers, not having a plan (or worse, deviating from the plan), Pepsi products, messy kitchens, waking up early, driving, and being stuck in a cubicle alone all day (hey, I do those last 3 anyway). Also, I have an acute fear of heights, most especially when going  up to them (planes, elevators….ESPECIALLY elevators). This will be fun next week as we are all signed up to go on an air-balloon ride in Orlando. Also more to come.

This project wont work unless I’m uncomfortable on a regular basis.

Carried over from other projects:

  • Stay within my budget
  • Gluten-free diet.
  • More fresh veggies and fruits.
  • More hobbies and activities, less TV.
  • Avoid things that insult my soul (on hold)
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Be more charitable and generous
  • Make my friends/family know they’re important to me

More and more, it feels like I’m doing a really bad impersonation of myself.

“We can spend our lives letting the world tell us who we are. Sane or insane. Saints or sex addicts. Heroes or victims. Letting history tell us how good or bad we are. Letting our past decide our future. Or we can decide for ourselves. And maybe it’s our job to invent something better.”—Chuck Palahniuk (Choke)

I’m on a mission to save myself from becoming a zombie, so I’ve come up with a “GAME CHANGING PLAN”. My last game changer involved me moving down to Florida, but as they say “The grass is always greener, but if you suck, everything looks like shit,” or something. This time I’ve harnessed my need to control situations and make lists into a no fail solution. Every two weeks for a total of 20 weeks I am going to tackle a new trait I want to master. I’ll also be interviewing my friends and family who I admire for integrating the trait into their life (and are also pretty awesome). Oh, and books! I’ll read a book or two on the theme, because I’m under the pool of thinking that every great idea has already been thought of; and I love to read.

Up first,  I try to start eating well, and stop thinking that frosting and marshmallow fluff counts as a legitimate meal.

Let me know any input you have, or if you have ever attempted something along these lines. Oh, and stay tuned.