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Eat Feat

For my first trick, I’ll attempt to restrict my diet. If Voltaire once said, “I’ve decided to be happy because it’s good for my health,” I’m now saying “I’ve decided to be healthy because it’s good for my happiness.”

Here’s a run down of how I’ll be limiting myself for the next two weeks:

  • Gluten-free (and no glutton either)
  • No red meat, and since I don’t really eat any other white meat other than chicken—sorry chickens…
  • Possibly the hardest thing—no pop. I say “pop” because it strikes anger into the hearts of southerners when I don’t say “soda”
  • Will drink lots of water in the pure, tea and coconut form.
  • No restaurant food, nicotine vessels, overly processed foods or anything that I deem “NOT HEALTHY”
  • I’m deciding on alcohol. Obviously, I can’t drink beer with the gluten-free diet, and I can’t drink in excess according to the “glutton” rule either, but a glass of red wine on Friday night? I’m open for suggestions.

My friend Stephen makes fun of me for always giving a “disclaimer” for everything, and this is no different: I don’t want to lose weight (I’m not going to complain if I lose 5 pounds though), I simply want to feel healthier and more alert (and maybe stop spending my lunch breaks sleeping in the back of my car).

If you have ever restricted your diet for your health, I’d love your feedback. What kinds of things helped? What changes have you noticed?

Oh, and I really don’t have anything against the chickens.