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Food Project Conclusion

“Life itself is the proper binge.”  –Julia Child

Today concludes my little experiment with eating better, and to celebrate I allowed myself a nice cold Diet Coke. Two weeks without having any pop, and frankly, I was unimpressed. What I did really enjoy was the chicken chili I had waiting for me in the crock-pot for when we got off the boat. Totally made up for being pretty much the only one on the sand bar without a beer in hand. There was some talk of bringing a bottle of Vodka out, but my brother has had better ideas.

Going forward I’m going to keep giving up gluten. Not only is my skin clearer, but also I haven’t slept in my car during lunches, or had my 3pm fatigue. I absolutely want to see how this plays out over the next few months.

I’m also pretty happy with my juicer. I admit that I’ve found some bad combinations. Particularly, I learned celery and grapefruit shouldn’t be combined. I hate grapefruit. Have you had freshly made apple juice, though? Yum.

Here’s some delicious gf cookies I made from a Bob’s mix–

Tomorrow I’m starting my next project where I make an effort to do my own thing and better cultivate my passions. Pave my own path if you will.


Cookies, Dahmer and Burgers

I screwed up quit a bit Friday with my restrictions. I had ranch dressing at lunch, and then what my mom calls a “popcorn dinner” where instead of making dinner, you go to a movie and pretty much inhale a bag of buttery popcorn before the movie even starts.

In an effort to be better yesterday I made a Gouda, tomato, basil egg scramble and gf cookies that weren’t too bad:

Trouble hit at about 9 when all the electricity went out. I scrambled to light candles and lock doors, but I was fairly convinced that a Jeffrey Dahmer wanna-be cut my lines to break in. This left me at the bar Logan works at waiting for him to get off, and having a couple of drinks (cranberry vodka’s) with our friend Sean. Turns out, after a week of restricting my diet, I’m now the girl who gets drunk off 3 drinks. My one saving grace was that I i didn’t cave as Logan went through the drive through at McDonald’s and had a diet coke, burger and fries. If you didn’t know, teenagers working the drive-through at 2:30am DON’T like being asked if their fries are gluten-free. Oh, and they’re not.

Today’s menu? Cheese enchilada, carrots, 3 servings of mashed potatoes and more gf cookies=fail. Week one run-down? I don’t feel deprived if I’m prepared. The hardest part is social situations where I want to drink a beer and eat a burger, or even just eat a normal sandwich and chips for lunch. Hopefully week two will work a little better.