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The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide by Elisabeth Hasselbeck

My plan was to read a book for each of my mini-projects, but I was a little stumped on what I was going to read for this project–a cook book? I decided to read the “G-Free Diet” by Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who you may know from Survivor or The View, but I just knew as random author of a highly rated book. I was brought right up to speed as she described how she went on Survivor and her years of stomach pain suddenly stopped. She eventually found out she has celiac disease, which is an auto-immune condition.

Good thing: I though the book was very helpful as I realized more and more things that I can’t have if I truly want to be gluten-free. This includes soy sauce, many beauty products, Twizzlers, etc. She gives a lot of information on how to handle going out to eat, handle a wedding or large party function, and traveling. I loved that she stresses not making people drop what they’re doing to accommodate you. I’m not one to demand special food, or send food back at a restaurant. There’s also a chapter on living with someone who is g-free. Logan’s not going to be reading the chapter any time soon, but it was reassuring that he’s doing better than most people put in the position–minus the occasional crumb in the peanut butter jar.

Bad thing: Elisabeth Hasselback is VERY allergic to gluten, so she goes to extreme measures. I’m definitely not keeping my own skillet, silverware and toaster separate from the gluten contaminated bunch. I’m also not going to be stuck in a bathroom for days if I use lipstick or hairspray with gluten in it. Still, it’s good to know the extremes . Better to know too much information than not enough.

Actually, my favorite book I’m reading right now is a cook book. I’ve been reading BabyCakes by Erin McKenna, a bakeshop owner in New York that serves all vegan bakery items and mostly gluten-free. The bakery has fans like Mary-Louis Parker, Zooey Deschanel and even Pamela Anderson. Vegan sounds gross, but the recipes have gotten a lot of high praise. I’m looking forward to getting all the ingredients I need (coconut four?, potato starch?) to make their cupcakes. I might have to suck it up and sacrifice my wallet to the Whole Foods monsters.