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Advice From A Leader in Marketing

For the money-management project, I sent out some simple questions to a couple of people in jobs I hope to have someday. When I didn’t hear back immediately, I  got a little downtrodden. Finally, this morning I opened up my email and found an email from the CEO of a company I’ve been applying to about once a year since I realized I wanted to be in marketing. I want to share some of his answers with you.

EF:  Your obviously passionate about your company, but you didn’t start your company until 2003. Did you ever have a job that you stayed at for experience/money? Basically, did/does passion fuel all your career choices?

JI: Yes, all jobs lead to building experience (and money) for the future. But don’t work somewhere you don’t like for more than a year. Think about jobs in three year cycles: learning, attaining, maintaining (and then start over or leave).

EF: You’re on the board of the Twin Cities Fine Arts Organization (and even have a gallery to feature artists), did you always want to support fine arts, or did your involvement come organically?

JI: I like art. I think it is an industry that can benefit from marketing and it helps keep me sane during my long days.


EF: Many of the principals at your company are woman. As the only woman (and the youngest by about 10 years) in the marketing department where I work, what are some ways I can be taken seriously?

JI: Be serious to be taken serious. Have facts to share, not just opinions. Avoid breaking character (you’ll be judged by the least favorite moments: silliness at a company picnic, joking on Friday afternoons, etc.) Arrive early, leave late – over dress for the role. (Find ways to break the stress if long days. A quick walk outside, or finding a mentor in senior management – or at a neighboring business.)

If you’re wondering why I haven’t started a new project, no worries. I lost my footing a little bit, so I’m just getting back on track and building momentum. Expect a new project starting Friday.