Whenever I spend too much time “partying” I have a sever down-swings. First I obsessively clean and work, then I sleep, then I require an excessive amount of hugs and reassurance. I’m currently in sleep stage.

This project is partially about self acceptance, and in the following year I will almost certainty:

-Stay awake at night with a rushing mind

-Try to over justify my emotions

-Do something people have advised me not to do

-Disappoint my parents

-Be insulted by a stranger and care deeply

-Be unkind to a stranger

-Doubt my purpose in this world

-Get headaches, mosquito bites, bruises and colds

-Allow the laundry to pile up

-Agree to something I don’t want to do out of perceived social obligation

-Complain it’s too hot or too cold

-Act needy or desperate and feel embarrassed

But I will be OK.


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