Money Management Wrap-Up

It’s hard to judge my progress for this week, but I suppose you have to take in account a learning curve. Most of my project have been about certain actions, not a level of understanding, which kind of makes me feel like a failure. But, you get ahead in life by actions, so here’s my meager list:

– I learned about what I spend money on, and set up budgets based on what I care to spend money on

– When I spent money on things, I did so conscientiously

– Reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. I’ll talk more about this book once I finish, but truly, I wish I read this 4 years ago.

– Figured out a retirement plan (so weird at age 24) between my Roth IRA and 401K

– Interviewed my financially resourceful friend Emily Cardella

– Saved money by using coupons

-Oh, and bought a $300 painting, which was an investment, right? When I saw it in Stuart, I couldn’t stop looking at it. When my mom said she would buy my next ticket home for Christmas, it was a done deal.

Personal financing is going to be an ongoing challenge.


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