BBQ Pizza

How can I survive without gluten!? Relax, I have pizza, nachos cookies… all the time. Probably more than I did before I gave it up. Which brings me to showing you the epic pizza we made last night (inspired by a recipe on a blog my friend Kathryn showed me):

Ingredients: Bob’s GF Pizza crust mix, Sweet Baby Ray’s Chipotle BBQ sauce (all Sweet Baby Ray’s sauces are gf), shredded chicken (we keep in the fridge to put on tacos and or mix into pasta on the fly), crushed pineapple, black olives, red onion, jalapenos, sharp cheddar cheese, and a lot of mozzarella. This is what it looked like before the cheese:

Can you tell which side is mine? I like all my ingredients cut into squares. Logan says it’s because I am a square…

Oh, and it was my cat, MauMau’s 4th birthday! He can’t eat pizza so we got him special kitty treats. He liked them so much he though I might find more in my camera.

Is it the weekend? All this research on personal finance has gotten me loopy. Still, I might go check out the Occupy PSL. I may not live next to Wall Street, but I do live next to a Winn Dixie. Apparently that’s close enough to demonstrate.


2 responses to “BBQ Pizza

  • Emily

    Wait…I thought you didn’t really like pineapple on your pizza? I can’t believe MauMau is 4 already, and those stools look great!

    • Erika

      I think it’s mostly the salty Canadian bacon + huge chunks of pineapple that I dislike. Crushed pineapple with bbq chicken though? Heaven. I know, which means I’ve been out of college for 3 years. Logan wants to know if we can send him to preschool now?

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