Saving Money On The Web

I think I stumbled across something incredible. Have you ever hear of Brad’s Deal? It’s this guy who built the site to show his friends and family how and where he saves money, but now, years later, the Wall Street Journal and even Oprah recommend his site for saving deals. Well, anyway, there’s this one deal on there for 90% off of gift certificates at, so I go the, put in Minneapolis (because it’s still habit), and there’s a deal where you can get a gift certificate for The Ugly Mug where for $45 you get $100. I’m pretty sure this means if you simply put in the code WOW you get $100 worth of food and drinks for $4.50! Uh, someone get on that!

Let me share with you some of my favorite money-saving sites. You will find it is devoid of any coupon-cutter sites, because after spending hours at work trying to refine my websites, seeing these jumbled messes makes my chest tighten and my eyes try to revert back into the sockets. If you really want a suggestion, go to Retail Me Not which seems to have its pixels in order at least. These are nice though:

My ultimate favorite one is complements of my friend Stephen, I love this. I just put in all my accounts (USBank, PNC, student loan and car loan) and it just organizes them all in a user-friendly way. I like that I can see a pie graph of where all my money is going, and a bar graph of my net-income for whatever months, but, my favorite part is that I can creat budgets for things like going out to the bars, and it sends me an email telling me when I’ve gone over budget. Note: this is really nice to receive when you’re hung-over. Just a friendly reminder that you drank too much this month!

My other favorite money-saving website is called  They have some stuff for finding your cheapest credit card, savings/CD accounts, etc. but I just use it to find cheap gas. I just have my home address and my work address in there, and it sends my email alerts to where is cheapest on that route to get gas. So far, Pilot has been the ultimate winner.

People keep asking me where I get my flights (since I travel a lot these days). This tip was from my friend Graham, Matrix Airfare Search. Don’t know when is the best time to visit me for cheap flights? Put in your airport (or several close ones) and my airports (MLB, PBI, MCO), how long you want to stay (3 days to forever) and it will tell you what flight to get within a month. If you know the exact days you want to go, this will tell you what flight to take.

Then, of course, Groupon. I’m trying to remember that it isn’t really a deal if I wasn’t going to get it in the first place… especially since I haven’t even gone on that balloon ride yet.


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