Quinoa and Night Boating

Yesterday I had it in my head that I was going to come home from work and make this delicious looking quinoa with balsamic roasted mushrooms recipe my good friend Kathryn referred me to. It would be so good my boyfriend was going to eat 4 servings of it and call me a culinary goddess. After dinner we’d be so buzzed on the healthiness of it all, we’d go to this movie I’ve been dying to see (Our Idiot Brother, because I love Zooey) and eat a whole bunch of buttery popcorn.

When I got home, however, I realized Logan had his own ideas. He wanted to make guacamole and take the boat out. I still made the dish I had been planning, which I found to be VERY delicious. He mixed his half a portion in with a bunch of chicken, and said it was good, minus the over-use of onion (I used white onion instead of green by accident), that he doesn’t like quinoa, oh, and that he’s allergic to pears. He did make a good show of eating his entire serving though.

This is what mine looked like:

If you want the recipe, go here. If all the healthy stuff scares you (and it shouldn’t because it doesn’t taste different from a chopped salad), you should at least make the easy salad dressing (unless you’re allergic to pears too).

After dinner I agreed to go on a moonlight cruise on the boat despite my hesitation, and I’m very glad I did. The moon was full so we had plenty of light, and the bay was dark enough to see the stars. Who goes to the movies when you have a boat, stars, champagne and a warm Floridian night? Look at what happens when I let go a little.

When we got home I did make him watch the pilot of New Girl on Hulu (if you have Hulu, go watch it). Zooey Deschanel is a comedic genius and my girl crush.


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