There’s a person in my office that I automatically developed a dislike for solely based on her over-use of emoticons and exclamation marks in her always “High Priority” emails. Recently she had completed a project that triggered one of the higher-ups to send out a company wide email giving recognition. This made someone else send out a company wide email thanking her too. Me and a co-worker discussed how sleazy it is to thank someone in such a public manner, instead of just giving her sincere praise individually. Especially since the second guy addressed the email to the CEO and the entire company, and only Cc’d the woman he was addressing. This sparked an idea. I wasn’t involved in the project, but I am trying to be gracious to others this week. I thought out an email  with praise for the things I did truly appreciate her for,  and sent it. I know that this post is doing the exact same sleazy thing I didn’t like, but I wanted to share her response (and planned to keep a lot more anonymity than I’m showing here) because it so shocked me so greatly what a few sentences can do:

Dear Erica,

I am humbled by your e-mail. Thank you for your kind words. All I can say is that I try. We all have a “bad hair day” every once in a while, I just try to see beyond that and hope that others do as well. So, THANK YOU, Erica from the bottom of my heard … and by-the-way, although you are the quiet type from what I gather, at least here at the office,  it is so very nice to see you smiling, too.




7 responses to “:)!

  • foresightyourctpsychic

    I’m not sure why praising someone publically is considered “sleezy”..

    If she “done good”, she done good.

    A lot of times, I think that it’s a good thing to praise folks that are acheiving good things. Positive feedback gives people the motivation to keep doing the best they can and helps them keep from burning out. Letting other people see that positive feedback can give them the energy to do great things as well

    I’m glad that you were gracious to her


    • Erika

      It wasn’t the act of giving praise that I found sleazy, but rather the sincerity it seemed to be done. This particular person seemed to have done it for appearance sake from the way he addressed the CEO and only CC’d the person he was acknowledging. You do make a good point that any positive feedback energizes people, and I should be gracious to him as well. Thanks for your input.

  • foresightyourctpsychic

    That does make a difference….but it’s still something one can work with.

    There are two ways of encouraging a good or desired behavior. One is only accepting a perfect exhibition of that paper- praise if they “do it right”.

    The other way is to catch someone doing something that’s moving in the direction of what you’d like them to do, and acknowledge that. This is the way that we teach children to do something. We don’t expect them to be perfect all at once- we give them positive feedback that helps them know they’re heading in the right direction, and gives them the energy to keep trying.

    Works for kids, but works for grownups too.

    If you are gracious and acknowledge wht he did that was good, even if his motivations weren’t perfect yet, it could put him on a better path 🙂


  • clareflourish

    “We don’t expect to be perfect all at once”- good lesson for some adults. I loved her response :-))) and I think what she said shows how good it was for her too.

  • foresightyourctpsychic

    I’ve found that I actually grow better when I let go of expecting to be perfect all at once and reset my goal for “good enough”.


    • Erika

      I definitely agree with that. I find that when I’m harsh on myself for not being perfect, I don’t try next time. It’s hard to try to remain in the moment and remember you can only do what you can, but it definitely more rewarding in the long run.

      • foresightyourctpsychic

        There are a lot of people who never accomplish anything because they’re so focused on being perfect all at once. They’re afraid to try because they can’t be perfect the first time.

        Perfectionism is something that gets in the way of living our dreams


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