Hard To Be Light

It is easy to be heavy; hard to be light. (G. K. Chesterton)

Things I’ve had trouble keeping a “light” attitude towards this past week:

  • I order a movie from On Demand but Xfinity is telling me it can’t access it. After getting the run around for an hour (and hung up on once), I was told to simply unplug the box and plug it back in. It took all my composure to remind myself that she is not to blame for the whole process. Then I said “I’m glad there’s such an easy solution! Thanks!”
  • When I needed a developers help on a project at work, but people are trying to leave for the holiday, so they say “not my problem”.
  • I thought Logan and I had plans to hang out (since we’ve rarely been home at the same time), but instead of coming home from rugby, he went out with his teammates until early morning. I was able to force myself to text him something about being glad he’s making friends and to have fun.
  • When I didn’t feel well on Friday but no one was there to bring me water and medicine.
  • I was in the airport bathroom and a cleaning woman moved her supply cart so I could get the paper towels. I was about to say “thanks” and ask her how her day was going, but as I started to say it, she was midway through hocking a loogie into a garbage near my arm. I wasn’t able to maintain a smile for that one.
  • When I had to end my vacation for a 6:30 flight and didn’t even know if anyone was able to pick me up on the other end because Logan’s phone was off. He picked me up, and I was able to see how blessed I was to have been able to visit my family and friends for as long as I did.

I noticed the thing I get the most angry about on a regular basis is when I get home from work and the house is a mess. Instead of getting mad this week, I’ve instead just been doing the chores around the house. The result has been that I’ve gotten way more help on a regular basis than when I get mad. I also am more likely to receive (I must admit) much craved praise for my hard work, and dinner made for me, etc. I also noticed that if I let people do things their own way, on their own schedule, the world doesn’t end.

Shocking. Completely shocking.


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