Positive Playlist

My final paper my senior year at college was about how your mood can be affected by the music you listen to, and also the affect it has on the way you process information. In the same way that being around positive people makes you feel more positive, music can lighten your mood. I’ve always felt that instinctively from being involved in music. In High school I would listen to Matchbox 20 to bury myself deeper in a bad mood. Before tests I always listened to complex music Mozart or Chemical Brothers to prepare my brain for analyzing lots of information together. When I’ve pushed myself too far through bad relationships, there’s nothing that calms me as much as Jack Johnson.  I got an A on the paper by the way.

Here are some of my top favorite songs from my “Positive” Playlist:

  • Just Fine—Mary J Blige
  • All Right Now—Free
  • Keep Your Head Up—Andy Grammer
  • Touches You—Mika
  • I’d Like To—Corinne Bailey Rae
  • The Whip—Locksley
  • Motown Philly—Boys 2 Men
  • ABC—Jackson 5
  • Let Her Dance—The Bobby Fuller Four
  • Turn My Swag On—Alexa Goddard
  • Feelin’ Groovy—Simon & Garfunkle
  • Hey, Hey We’re the Monkies—The Monkies
  • I Am Not My Hair—India Arie ft Akon
  • Crocodile Rock—Elton John

I’d love to hear what music you listen to in order to improve your mood.


2 responses to “Positive Playlist

  • Joel

    Hey Erika~ I really dug these last two entries by you. Good stuff. As far as music impoving my mood…it has always depended on the mood and the moment. Some songs I can love at the right time and completely bypass on the radio in other moments.

    What no Violent Fems? Come on Blister in the Sun…..

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