So, I’m pretty excited because my parents and some of my aunts and uncles are putting together a trip to Norway next summer. Guess who definitely signed up for that trip. I’ll be the youngest by about 30 years (my parents being the next youngest), but I’m already dreaming of floral skirts, knit sweaters, wool tights and my blonde hair in braids. This is good incentive to keep up my language studies!

Norwegian is kind of weird because a lot of the words sound like they’re saying other English words, but with a mouth full of food. Plus, it’s such a polite language. Ready for your lesson in Norsk?


God dag–sounds like “good dog” = “Hello” (or “Good Day”)

Ganske bra–sounds like “gangster bra” = “Pretty fine”

Jeg forstå–sounds like “yea, fish toad” = “I Understand”

Ikke så mye–sounds like “ick, I saw Mia!” = “Not so much”

takk–sounds like “tuck” = “Thanks”


Morsomt, ikke sant?


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